Like There’s No Tomorrow

We habitually sum up people at first glance, but listening is where it’s at. Today I kept listening. When something didn’t make sense I listened some more. I left work dragging my heels to the car, wearing all her words on my shoulders, but only temporarily.

As I drove home my spirit questioned God, and while I questioned answers began to formulate on my lips. I got in the door and went right to the piano…

“I’m here standing on the edge of the battlefield”

I know that is where I am supposed to be, fighting for others with God’s strength and wisdom.

I continued…..

“but let’s get real, it doesn’t look too good, you never said it would, and so I kneel” (John 16:33, Ephesians 6:18).

I continued to tell God what I saw…

“Right here, I survey the carnage of selfishness, it’s quite a mess, and yet the rose still blooms among the thorny tomb, and so I rise.”

I paused. Wasn’t Jesus telling me that he stood where I am a long time ago? And didn’t he find a way? And didn’t he rise from the dead? Was it not possible for myself and for others to get back up and keep on going, with His help? The key was to keep Him in focus and not the circumstances. As usual God was showing me a way through, not a way out, and not a way to feel sorry for myself or others, but a way to grasp the mystery of the Gospel-the truth.

“To life and all its imperfections, to live and suffer as you suffered, to love like there’s no tomorrow.”

So I didn’t have a quick fix for the dilemmas of the day, but I had something even more tangible – the love of God.

“You’re here pouring all your comfort and holiness upon our heads (John 14:16). O death where is thy sting (1 Cor. 15:55), O my Lord God and King and so I sing!¬† And so I sing! To life and all its imperfections, to live and suffer as you suffered, to love like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Like There’s No Tomorrow”¬©Cindy Palin, July 17, 2018 Dedicated to all of His beloved who are struggling. Let us struggle side by side.

Author: Cindy Palin

Hi, my name is Cindy. My husband and I reside in Alberta, Canada. I am a vocalist and songwriter, speaker and new author, excited to share my music, and new book "The Faith Keeper" with you.

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