Christmas Hope

My Christmas Album “CHRISTMAS HOPE” …

…a culmination of songs written about some of life’s most difficult challenges or circumstances, divorce at Christmas time, the breadline at Christmas time. Unlike the ever increasing popularity of Hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas time is not without struggle.

There are two songs on the album that come from other sources. Jamie Soles, another Alberta songwriter, wrote “Jesus is Here”, which features three very important women from Biblical Christmas history.  I recorded a traditional hymn by Alfred Burt, “Some Children See Him”, which was written around 1951,

Every Christmas season I treat myself to a new Christmas album, whether it is a classic from yesteryear or a new group I’ve never heard of. Christmas music is timeless, more importantly my musical messages reach beyond the present to eternity, and give the gift of HOPE?

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New Christmas Music to play yourself or share with friends (Christmas Lullaby sheet music)