My Heart’s Lament Album

Written from real life events; this album ministers right to the soul. The title track, My Heart’s Lament reminds me of the oldie “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” sung by Louis Armstrong. It is a jazz lament about how we cannot force people to choose love.

“Slim to Nothing” a song inspired by a college friend who struggled with his faith and discovered even in the valley we are close to God.

“Walking Dead”, a song written before the infamous tv show, about wanting God’s best or we are….

“All That is Grass” is an upbeat sandwich generational story, watching children leave home, and caring for parents.

“Friday’s Prayer”, so close to my heart as it was written the morning after losing a friend to her cancer fight. Beautiful violin, and incredible hope and healing in this song.

“He’s In Love with Me…..who’s been sitting on your shoulder whispering you don’t belong, pointing an accusing finger,? Let me sing you a new song.”

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