I began songwriting at the age of twelve when I received my first guitar. Over the years I have gravitated to piano as my major instrument, next to voice. Thanks to my parents, and mostly my Mom running me up and down the road I was able to study voice for twelve years before enrolling in the music program at RDC. The President of the Music Department found me a Music Theory tutor so I could pass the entrance exam. As a child piano lessons didn’t include theory. I wrote music all the time but didn’t have a clue how to score it. Once in college I ate music theory up like it was candy. One of my favourite classes was Music Appreciation taught by Cheryl Cooney. I couldn’t get enough of listening for all of the instruments and each part they played. Another favourite class was Orchestration. My Melody Writing class revealed I was already writing strong melody, but explained the reason my melodies worked so well.

After RDC I went on to attend some songwriting workshops in Nashville, TN. I remained active in musical theatre even after I got married.

Once our third child was born I began the recording adventure.

I invite you to check out my Album page, but also my New Drive, and Archive pages to hear a wide sampling of my songs.